Helping your team navigate change and make a positive contribution to your organisation's success.

Guiding you
through change

You may know where you're headed, but unless you recognise and prepare to meet the challenges in front of you don't be surprised if your efforts founder.

It won't always
be plain sailing

There may be heavy weather between you and your goal. You can run from it or you can head straight into it. If you have no choice but to do the latter, you'd better be ready!

Welcome to Odyssey

We are award winning behavioural change specialists. We work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their aspirations. Our contribution to that partnership is to influence the behavioural decisions that will bring those aspirations to life. 

We can do this because we understand how people make behavioural decisions and, most importantly, how to influence those decisions.

Our understanding of behavioural decision making and how to influence it emerged from Phil Allcock’s doctoral research. 



What we do

Organisational change

  • Culture change
  • Leadership development
  • Enabling staff engagement
  • Encouraging collaboration

Team effectiveness

  • Working with new teams
  • Working with established teams
  • Working with project teams

Individual effectiveness:

  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Coaching of business leaders

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