Sustained behavioural change is built on individual contributions to a clear strategy that is aligned with the broader business. We help individuals and teams close the performance gap and see the world and their contribution to it in a new way…​

Dr. Phil Allcock


How we work

The 4 Stages of Decision Making

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How and Why we make decisions

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Your World

We work with you to create the possibility of change. We encourage leaders to be clear about their ambitions and to share their aspiration to make change happen. This might mean changes to ‘business as usual’ - these changes in structures and processes can be part of what change looks like. We work with teams to bring this change to life – reassuring them that change is important; acceptable and possible…

Your People

Having shaped a world that genuinely encourages change, attention shifts to the individual. Now we focus primarily on an individual’s ‘moments of truth’ and work with them to skilfully manage them. If behavioural change is to be sustained, individuals need to believe that this change is the best way forward for them as an individual and as part of a team. They need the chance to change – we work with them to make it happen...