Leadership is a question of function, not status

What are the key facets of leadership? Do we have to be in a senior position to be a leader? At Odyssey we see leadership more as a question of function than status. Read on to find out more.

We view leadership as a matter of function, not status. To us, there are 5 key functions of leadership:

  1. Monitoring the future:
    1. Scanning the horizon for signs of change
    2. Visualising the future state that exploits the opportunities or threats that emerge
    3. Creating a compelling case for moving toward that future state
  2. Building momentum:
    1. Telling stories of change that convince and enthuse
    2. Engaging and actively involving people in its delivery
  3. Overcoming challenges:
    1. Being brave enough to engage with the inevitable reticence or outright resistance to change
    2. Intervening to challenge behaviour that undermines shared purpose, processes and/or  values
    3. Challenging the status quo in order to remove rules and systems (real or imagined) that make it difficult for people to be useful
  4. Recruiting, trusting and nurturing excellent people
  5. Doing it all over again!

In our experience, it’s rare to come across one person who can fulfill these functions skilfully enough to lead alone. Inspiring leaders like Richard Branson get this. His philosophy and advice to others is to; “surround yourself with great people who share your vision and you won’t go far wrong”. In practice, this means stepping aside and allowing others space to lead. This is one of the reasons why we’re wary of the issue of status and leadership. Almost inevitably, with status comes ego and with ego comes “it’s all about me” and, “if it’s all about you”, creating that space for others may not come easy.

We work with some excellent tools like Lumina Spark© that give deep insight into our personal leadership style, talk to us about a consultation today.

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Liz Staniforth

Liz Staniforth

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