Case Study: Local Authority

The driving force behind this ongoing project is the new Chief Executive. She has recognised that the council she leads needs to make radical changes if it to meet the challenges emerging in the context it operates in.

 One of the key outcomes we’re working toward is a culture that values, accountability, leadership and authenticity.
Initially we worked with the Chief Executive and her leadership team. This work has involved a combination of whole team and 1:1 conversations. The team events have focused on ensuring that there is a shared understanding of the why of change and ownership of the outcomes they are all responsible for delivering. The 1:1 conversations have focused on individual contribution and the behaviours that will deliver those shared outcomes.
In order to embed the change, the work with the leadership team will continue throughout the project.
We are now working with the individuals that the leadership have identified as their change leaders. This work is focusing on ensuring that those individuals embrace the need for change, own the outcomes and are willing and able to face and manage the challenges they’ll face as they work to deliver them.