Our operating model

1: Define Outcomes

Seek answers to the following questions…

  • do the sponsors of the change know what they want it to deliver?
  • is there a compelling story that describes the change and justifies the effort that will be needed to deliver it?
  • is it possible to bring the change to life for the people who will deliver it?
  • is there a genuine recognition of the organisational and personal change that will be necessary to achieve success?

2: plan & Align

Put in place any necessary changes to the existing culture in order to reframe change as important; acceptable and possible.
Paying attention to and managing ‘moments of truth’ that will be the catalyst for transformation.


  • a project plan that includes priorities; timescales and dependencies
  • a management plan that defines the responsibilities of participants and how progress will be monitored and communicated

3: Create the change

Mechanics of change.
Ensure that all participants understand the challenges – and the rewards – ahead

Personal change
Enable individuals to recognise and define their own ‘moments of truth’ and understand how to use them.
Facilitate a culture that allows change to happen

Create internal champions

  • recruit and train internal champions role to
  • provide a sounding board for change owners 
  • support and challenge others as they deliver change.

 Embed the change

  • put in place the resources necessary to sustain what has been achieved by empowering individuals to explore and experiment further 
  • encourage continuous support and challenge
  • provide 1::1 coaching