Case Study:
Professional Services Consultancy

This work began with a project designed to help the leadership of this organisation understand the day to day experience of the people they lead, and what those people felt would make that experience more fulfilling. One of the clear messages was that people lacked clarity about what was expected of them, how they were doing and what their future options were.

What followed was a two year project that began with the creation of a framework designed to help define roles and provide a focus for short and longer term performance and personal development. We then designed and supported the implementation of a replacement “appraisal” system. This system ensures that, every four months, each individual gets to sit down with a member of their leadership team. These conversations focus on the contribution the business needs from them and the support they need from the business if they’re to deliver. We have now handed this process over to the business.

Our focus is now on the behaviours needed by leaders within the business to handle those 1:1s. If the business is to build on recent successes, some of those conversations will be “difficult”. If they’re ignored or “fudged” because of that, the message will be that the business isn’t serious about performance after all.