What is Lumina Spark© and how can it support leaders?

At Odyssey we work with Lumina Spark© to help our clients understand themselves and their motivations more clearly. Read on to learn more about the basics of this powerful tool.

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As leaders, we’re all unique. That uniqueness (our identity) colours how we think and feel about the pivotal situations* that, as leaders, we need to manage skilfully if we’re going to deliver our vision.  With that in mind, we all have a choice. On the one hand, we can just “be ourselves” and let that identity play out. Sometimes our default style fits the situation and everything works out fine, but sometimes it doesn’t. Our view is that, in order to avoid that hit or miss approach, it makes sense to be more conscious about the way we manage ourselves and the impact we have on the world around us. In our view, those leaders who choose the latter are at a distinct advantage. Their active self-awareness vastly increases the chances that they’ll scan for and then skilfully manage their pivotal situations.

When we work with leaders, a large part of our role is to help them understand their identity, how it informs their relationship with their own pivotal situations and, if it becomes clear that their default isn’t actually that helpful, to explore alternatives that might work better for them.

There are a large number of psychometric tools available to us that provide a route in to that conversation. Our preferred option is Lumina Spark©. This Lumina Learning product is very accessible and, rather than boxing people off, it represents the reality of the human condition – that we’re both complex and occasionally contradictory. For example, it’s quite possible for someone to be People Focused (empathetic, collaborative and/or accommodating) up to the point where a looming deadline tells them that it’s time to go Outcome Focused (tough, logical and competitive) or Discipline Driven (purposeful, structured and/or reliable). Lumina Spark© also presents a multi-dimensional picture. It recognises that we all have an underlying, everyday and overextended version of ourselves. The first version is the one we were born with, the second is the one that’s been shaped by experience and the third is where we go when things get too much for us.

This flexible and multi-dimensional tool really effectively answers the questions that can trigger behaviour change; “why do I do what you do?” and; “are there any alternative options open to me that are useful, acceptable and possible enough for me to put in the effort needed to change?”

* The answer to the question; “where will you be and who will you be with when you have the opportunity to deliver (or screw it up)?”.

Talk to us about how to begin your journey with Odyssey and Lumina Spark today.

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