Case Study: Start-up

We’ve recently begun work with a new client. This is, for us, a particularly exciting piece of work because this organisation is a start-up and, while they’re faced with the inevitable complexity of creating a business from the ground up, their CEO has insisted that the creation of the “right” culture gets equal attention.

What this CEO recognises is that, because a culture will silently solidify around them anyway, they need to take this window of opportunity to have some conscious influence over what emerges. He knows that, if they don’t, they run the very real risk of spending valuable time and money over the next few years trying to change the less helpful elements of that accidental culture. Time with us, therefore, is a great investment for him.

  • Our involvement started with an event to welcome the whole team to the business and to begin the business of building a culture around a shared set of behaviours.
  • We followed that up with an event for the senior leadership team that was focused on ensuring that a culture didn’t just emerge but was created intentionally, based on what the business needed and those senior leaders were prepared to work with.
  • Our next steps will involve:
    • Working with the senior leadership team as a group but also as individuals.
    • Ensuring that the rest of the business don’t get side-lined when it comes to shaping the shared culture.