Odyssey in Action

We facilitate organisational change by influencing the behavioural choices of the leaders who, ultimately, will make it happen.

To do this, we focus on:

  • Context – the why of change.
  • Outcomes – the what of change.
  • Behaviours – the who, when, where and how of change.
  • Embedding – making new behaviours second nature

We do this via ongoing, focused conversations with:

  • Individual leaders
  • Executive teams (together and apart)
  • Change leaders (the people within an organisation who will make the change a reality)

Local Authority

Enabling their most senior leaders to identify and deliver the ‘brave’, ‘transformational’ and ‘cross-cutting’ changes that would make the authority fit for purpose in their new, financially constrained, context.


We’ve recently begun work with a new client. This is, for us, a particularly exciting piece of work because this organisation is a start-up faced with the inevitable complexity of creating a business from the ground up.

Professional Services Consultancy

This work began with a project designed to help the leadership of this organisation understand the day to day experience of the people they lead, and what those people felt would make that experience more fulfilling.

Third Sector

We have been working for some years with this third sector organisation. Our earlier work has focused on developing a cohort of senior leaders willing and able to collaborate across the silos created by their geographical spread.